Tuesday, January 31, 2012

2nd semester

all my kids started a new semester
the younger two
changed a couple of classes
but many courses
stayed the same
things are good
in high school

for the oldest
she goes back to college
she left again
after a
wonderful week at sundance

i did okay
letting her go this time
we hugged a lot
at the airport
i watched her go
through security
i surprised myself
by not crying

she is so happy
she loves her school
she adores her friends
she found the best place for her

THAT is why i am good
when she is happy
i am happy

the house is calmer
but good
but good
dinners are still good
i will still cook

even though
her chair
will remain empty

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

More time with the family

so much free time
it feel so good

hate when my kids go back to school
even when they were little
i hated it
i like them home
with me

maybe i am weird
i know most moms don't feel this way
i do
even when times
were rough
they were little
things were crazy
i still liked them
at home
making messes
it was fun
but fun

my oldest
has 6 weeks off
this year
her freshman year in college
the other 2
only have 2 weeks
we are enjoying it
sleeping in
seeing movies
having friends over
spending time together

i even made
after midnight
new years eve
when the high school juniors
came home
after their party

chocolate chip pancakes
life is short
chocolate is good
enjoy it