Saturday, February 13, 2010

My baby did it

she was shining
she was beautiful
she beamed

I beamed
her daddy beamed
the entire congregation was all smiles

my baby
became a jewish woman this morning

she read from the torah
she chanted her blessings
she giggled
she smiled
she sang
she stood tall

she was perfect
she was lovely
she was amazing

I was crying
I was so happy
that I couldn't believe it was happening

our family was there
enough of them were there
the ones who wanted to be
the ones who cared
the ones who
took planes
trains and
to get here

we were there
of course
our power went out on thursday
we moved into the hotel
into my brothers's family's room
since they ended up not coming

thank goodness
our power came on
last last night
because I needed to get home
to print out my speech
that I had worked on for so long
but had never printed

I thought I could do it that day
not thinking
there would be snow
power outages
and trees falling
all over the city

our good friends were there
many of them
smiling at all of us
on the bima
as a family

and we were all happy
that is what mattered