Tuesday, February 16, 2010

you would never believe it, really

who could have guessed
who could have thought this to be
who would have ever begun to believe

the snow
we thought that was enough
then the power outage
the canceled flights
the family that never made it in
the friends who couldn't get in town

my niece who took planes, trains and automobiles to get in
wasn't that enough?

it could not end there

NBA all star game
so stars
and fans
from all over
flooded the city
not just anywhere
but the mall
the Galleria mall
all our guests were staying
where we were staying
where the evening party was being held

after Lucy's wonderful service
we ran home real fast
thank goodness our power was back
we changed into casual clothes
and rested
then drove back to the hotel

there were lines to get in
what is going on
we wondered
but didn't really care

Lucy and Bethany
and their friends
wanted to go in the mall
sure I thought
give me some alone time
I could use it

that is how I found out
the mall was jam packed
full of people
star sightings
player sightings
friends texting friends
or through twitter
who knows
it was crazy

We started to get ready
the woman doing our hair called
she was stuck in traffic
the photographer called
she was stuck in the mess too
she ended up
parking at Target
and walking to the mall
it was that bad

My husband was angry
very angry
I tried to be patient
like I usually do
I tried to stay away from him
usually the best idea

we ended up having friends being turned away
from the hotel
kids being dropped off
all around the mall
and running to the opening
to the hotel
to get to the party

we actually had a party crasher too
I saw her
made me feel like the Obama's

vendors were late
vendors messed up
don't get me started on the
picture t-shirts
Lucy was so upset about that part

other than than
she was happy
most of her friends were there
I kept asking her

some of our guests
just never made it
some of our older relatives
just couldn't wait that long

some relatives and friends
went drinking or eating
and joined us later

thank goodness
Lucy was happy
my husband ended the evening happy
after yelling at as many people
as he could

and I was crying throughout
the picture montage
watching all my babies
grow up
and remembering
how much we have been through
all over again

As long as Lucy was happy
that was all that mattered to me

Saturday, February 13, 2010

My baby did it

she was shining
she was beautiful
she beamed

I beamed
her daddy beamed
the entire congregation was all smiles

my baby
became a jewish woman this morning

she read from the torah
she chanted her blessings
she giggled
she smiled
she sang
she stood tall

she was perfect
she was lovely
she was amazing

I was crying
I was so happy
that I couldn't believe it was happening

our family was there
enough of them were there
the ones who wanted to be
the ones who cared
the ones who
took planes
trains and
to get here

we were there
of course
our power went out on thursday
we moved into the hotel
into my brothers's family's room
since they ended up not coming

thank goodness
our power came on
last last night
because I needed to get home
to print out my speech
that I had worked on for so long
but had never printed

I thought I could do it that day
not thinking
there would be snow
power outages
and trees falling
all over the city

our good friends were there
many of them
smiling at all of us
on the bima
as a family

and we were all happy
that is what mattered

Thursday, February 11, 2010


it is thursday
the weekend is fast approaching
but so is the weather

snow came down
it got worse at the day went on
not better

this morning
I was all excited
saying how pretty the white is
all over the grass
and the streets
everyone thought it would stop
not get worse
everything is canceled
school was canceled early
flights are canceled
my niece is trying to get her way from Boston
back to dallas
her plane was canceled this morning
she is somehow getting to new york
flying to austin
then getting a ride here
from our friends

friends from Utah
had their plane cancel too
my brother and his family
their plane for tomorrow
has already been canceled
and my mom is trying to find them a new flight

silly NBA
their all star game is here in dallas too
not helping matters

Snow is beautiful
I still believe that
not when snow
ruins months of planning
makes a little 13 year old girl
and her family