Saturday, February 23, 2013

16 should be sweet

when i was 16
my parents had a party for me

but it was called
"my semi-sweet 16"
my mom thought it was funny
i thought it was mean

so my youngest turned 16
she should be so happy
she passed her driving test
on her birthday
on a tuesday
that weekend
i took Bethany, the middlest
to visit a college

Lucy was so excited
able to be independent
and my husband didn't have to drive her around
but that saturday night
she wrecked the car
wrecked it
right outside our house
turned left out of the driveway
was playing with the radio
then remembered she needed to turn
right into a lightpole

she was okay
but she wasn't happy

then 2 days later
we found out
it was totaled
a green little volkswagon bug
the cutest car
it had been my mom's
then Bethany's
then I had been driving it
since we bought Bethany a car
i called it a round space of Zen
it felt so calm in it
it was peaceful

but not anymore
so Lucy was mad
she was pissed
she was downright rude
she didn't want to tell her friends
and I had to drive her again
or she had to borrow a car
not realizing how lucky she is

she got cranky looking for another car
like we were punishing her

she used to be sweet
not sure what happened