Saturday, August 24, 2013

why does this keep happening again?

I hate this 
What makes this happen  
Why now 
What is the reason 
The impatience 
The disrespect  
The selfishness 
One day
I think all is great
Out of nowhere 
She loses it 
All over again 
Just stay calm 
Let it go
But she can't  
She goes over the deep end so fucking fast 
There is nothing I can do 
She won't stop 
She doesn't stop 
In fact
She just makes it worse
She needs to just be quiet
Just listen
Just breathe 
She needs to get control 
I can't do it for her
As much as I want to 
She has to learn 
She has to keep learning
She must keep trying 
And not give up
Most importantly 
she needs to learn to be quiet 
and listen to others 
Damn I hate this
I hate it
I really really hate it  
Why does it keep happening?