Tuesday, April 19, 2011

anxiety specialists--never knew this existed

i never heard of this before
how had I not?

I went to a lunch I heard about
through SMU
I let some other W-here moms know
that 2 professors at SMU
were anxiety specialists

they explained anxiety
they believe all can be cured
or treated
or understood

I listened
I took notes
I was in awe
of their knowledge

one said
he lives and breathes anxiety
and one of my mom friends and I both said
we do too

the understanding
the information
calmed me
just the knowledge
that someone can help my daughter
calmed me

the Godbey Lecture series
helped me become a better mother
it showed me a way
to help my daughter
because the anxieties that she feels
about meeting new people
especially with going to college soon
needs to be addressed

and for her to hear someone
who believes her
who understands her
who can help her
will help calm her
and me
at the same time