Sunday, April 3, 2011

Houston...we have a mitzvah

my best childhood friend
we lived near each other
in 2 different neighborhoods
grew up riding bikes
to each other houses
all over the streets
nothing we can let our own daughters do now

she lives in Texas
just a different city
has twin daughters
who look nothing alike
it is so cool
these daughters turned 13
and were having a b'not mitzvah
so I got to take 2 of my daughters to the event

I took Lucy and Bethany
Lucy is obsessed with "frockets"
also known as pocket t's
just a t-shirt with a front pocket
the "most famous frockets"
are from a store called Buccee's
Buccee's is a famous truck stop
between Dallas and Houston
so we got to stop there twice
get frockets
and other fun accessories
during this weekend trip

Lucy's best camp friend
also lives in Houston
so this friend got to join us
in all the activities too.

It is always good to just get away
seeing old friends makes it even better

Seeing my old friend
her family
and a new camp friend
made the weekend complete

watching these children
act so much like their mother
made me laugh

watching my children
interact with her children
made me smile

times like these are so beautiful