Sunday, June 19, 2011

childless couple

our kids are gone
for 10 days we are alone

when was the last time it was this quiet
no complaining
no noise
no mess
since 2 are out of the country
and 1 is at camp
they really can't call that often
so we are alone
in our house
for the first time
for this long

some summers
we have gone out of town
but this summer
we decided to stay home
what a great decision
we made

we will eat dinner out
we will eat dinner at home
we will go out to movies
we will watch movies at home

we can do whatever WE want
what a concept
we can sleep in
we can wake up early

we can cook
ha ha ha ha
i make myself laugh

the best part is
we can pick what to do
and do it together

this is a treat
I don't think I can do it all the time
I miss my babies
so does my husband
but it is fun
for 10 days