Wednesday, November 2, 2011

More Time

i keep thinking it is a dream
really a nightmare
how can a child
be gone

the days go by
the nights go by
and the mornings come
and i wonder
is it really true

too much sorrow
i wish it wasn't true

some of my other friends
ask about my friends
who lost their daughter
"how are they"
they naively ask
i almost want to answer
"how can they be"
their child is gone
they will never get to see her again
touch her again
kiss her again
"how would you be"

i know they mean well
but there are no words
there are no answers
there is not a wrong way
or a right way
to behave
to grieve
to believe

i visit her grave
that sweet plot
full of flowers
arizona tea bottles
sweet reminders
of a lost life
of a sweet girl
who touched so many people