Saturday, April 30, 2011

wisdom teeth take 2

Karen had her wisdom teeth out 2 weeks ago yesterday
she was told
be still
be quiet
don't talk after you wake up from surgery
change your pads every 30 minutes
don't drink with a straw

Karen was anxious
as normal
then when she woke up
she felt all the stuff in her mouth
was relieved to wake up
then was quiet
and did what she was told
we got home
she had lots of ice cream
and smoothies with a spoon
watched tv
and rested

Bethany got her wisdom teeth removed
when she woke up
she wouldn't sit still
or shut up
she kept talking and talking
she kept spitting out the gauze in her mouth
the nurse was getting frustrated
my husband was getting frustrated
Bethany thought it was funny
she would laugh
then cry when she thought her daddy was mad at her
she was a mess

we left the office
and i know they were happy for us to go
and stopped to get her a smoothie
she wanted to go in
I told her no
she asked why
and I said
because she just can't
she cried and told me i always give her a reason
she kept talking
there was blood pouring out of her mouth
we got home
she kept talking
she didn't want to eat a lot
she didn't want to sit still
we had to watch her at all times
it was like she was a toddler all over again

she ended up getting sick to her stomach
she kept getting sick
not sure if it was from the pain medication
or her not eating enough
she was not happy
because the only way to get that better
was a suppository
no fun

today she is still not feeling well
in pain in her mouth
and in her tummy
2 children
same family
2 totally different reactions
to the same surgery

just goes to show you
even if you are related
everyone reacts differently
to the same thing

remember to apply that to all procedures, camps, schools etc
there is not one answer that can apply to all people

(Editor's note, much later-Bethany ended up with Dry Sockets and an infection.  She had to have something packed into her gums, then on an antibiotic.  The next month she went to see her dentist who saw another infection, so she needed more oral surgery and antibiotics....but this wonderful oral surgeon didn't charge us that time!)

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

anxiety specialists--never knew this existed

i never heard of this before
how had I not?

I went to a lunch I heard about
through SMU
I let some other W-here moms know
that 2 professors at SMU
were anxiety specialists

they explained anxiety
they believe all can be cured
or treated
or understood

I listened
I took notes
I was in awe
of their knowledge

one said
he lives and breathes anxiety
and one of my mom friends and I both said
we do too

the understanding
the information
calmed me
just the knowledge
that someone can help my daughter
calmed me

the Godbey Lecture series
helped me become a better mother
it showed me a way
to help my daughter
because the anxieties that she feels
about meeting new people
especially with going to college soon
needs to be addressed

and for her to hear someone
who believes her
who understands her
who can help her
will help calm her
and me
at the same time

Sunday, April 3, 2011

Houston...we have a mitzvah

my best childhood friend
we lived near each other
in 2 different neighborhoods
grew up riding bikes
to each other houses
all over the streets
nothing we can let our own daughters do now

she lives in Texas
just a different city
has twin daughters
who look nothing alike
it is so cool
these daughters turned 13
and were having a b'not mitzvah
so I got to take 2 of my daughters to the event

I took Lucy and Bethany
Lucy is obsessed with "frockets"
also known as pocket t's
just a t-shirt with a front pocket
the "most famous frockets"
are from a store called Buccee's
Buccee's is a famous truck stop
between Dallas and Houston
so we got to stop there twice
get frockets
and other fun accessories
during this weekend trip

Lucy's best camp friend
also lives in Houston
so this friend got to join us
in all the activities too.

It is always good to just get away
seeing old friends makes it even better

Seeing my old friend
her family
and a new camp friend
made the weekend complete

watching these children
act so much like their mother
made me laugh

watching my children
interact with her children
made me smile

times like these are so beautiful