Sunday, August 15, 2010

girls girls girls

oh summer has been so sweet
the laughter in the house

thinking about last year at this time
and I just get chills
it is so much better
I want to cry

there are nights
we are all 5 at home
and it is so quiet
we watch a movie
we read in different rooms
we are together

I don't want summer to end
I am dreading school starting
I hate that my girls are getting older

there are some days I don't
I don't need to scramble for babysitters any more
I can leave the house
when I feel like it
pretty soon
I won't even have to drive carpool in the morning
because Bethany will be driving

karen hates to drive
that is okay
since her school is in our backyard
and she walks there each day

Little Lucy has student council tomorrow
it is really here
just one week left

I want to sleep late a little more
I want to stay up late A LOT more

last night
the 3 girls and I were up late
my husband got up at midnight
and yelled at us
because we were so loud
i thought it was so fun

they were all
making fun of each other
Lucy has to touch someone at all times
she and Bethany are all over each other
no boundaries
at all
Karen sat by me
letting them argue
over who had more couch

we laughed
so much
it felt so good

they would compliment each other
or make fun of each other
take pictures of one another
yell at each other
all in good fun

it made me so happy