Friday, October 15, 2010

And Homecoming Queen...

no way
no possible way
a year ago
at this time
we were all barely alive
we were still healing
from Karen's treatment center

we were happy to be together again
as a family

here we are
Karen is a senior
looking at colleges
she is happy
she has friends
she is enjoying school
it seems like
school is loving her

she was elected to be on the homecoming court
she was surprised
i was surprised
we were all surprised
i laughed
the day i was at school helping out with something
the kids were voting on the court
freshman, sophomores, juniors and seniors
all voting for each grade
Karen voted for friends
i was sitting by her and some other seniors
i joked and said that someone should vote for her
so then she would have to wear a dress
when one friend voted
we all laughed

then last week
she came home
with a shocked look on her face
"guess who was voted to be on homecoming court"
she asked
i replied
and she laughed

i got the make a little speech
that was to be read at the homecoming football game
it was funny

i went to school for the pep rally
the whole homecoming court
played musical chairs
it is a tradition i was told
memories of childhood games came flashing back
i forgot how competitive she is
she won
by being so fast
and having a good sized bottom!

The night came
the football game
she had to play in the band
she also had to wear something nice
we settled on a skirt and top
she felt comfortable
she looked darling
she even let me take some pictures

when they all lined up
and parades in
here was the speech said about her-

Kareb came to the Winston School in 10th grade. She was instrumental in starting the band program with Mr Della Costa, and has been a percussionist for the last 6 years. She plays on the tennis team each spring.  She was inducted into the National Honor Society when she was a sophomore. She had lived behind Winston for 10 years before starting school, so now her daily commute is only a short walk.  Karen was honored when she was picked to represent the senior class in the homecoming court, also she was very surprised! She is very happy her family is here to celebrate with her. 

then everyone laughed
then everyone cheered

she laughs at me
because i have said i thought i heard voices
not that i didn't have trust in her
we never thought she would really win
she was voted as queen by the entire upper school student body
never in a million years
would that have happened anywhere else
her school is amazing
she is so confident
she is so honest
she is good 
she is fair
and she is a winner

we have all come a long way
and i am so happy
i can't believe it sometimes