Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A New School

i have a child in our neighborhood public school
this is exciting

it was a little strenuous
getting this to happen
Bethany was not happy
she was too stressed
studying too much
not content with her grades
not having a social life
that is not right
when you are a sophomore in high school
because it is only going to get worse

some of her teachers
ended up being outright rude
how can these teachers
be proud of class averages
at 73?
how can they feel good about that?
saying that if the averages were higher
then he didn't challenge the students

i just don't get it
but that is over for her

i took her to enroll at
Hillcrest High school
she didn't want me to do anything first
not take her paperwork in
not set up any appointments
she thought it was just a signature
and she would be on her way

we had to meet with the counselor
assigned by last name
she was busy
so we had to wait
while waiting
Bethany sighed loudly
and said
Well, this was a waste of an outfit
she makes me laugh

finally we were able to meet
introduce ourselves
and get the class schedule
that my daughter wanted
she knew
which classes her friends were in
so she planned accordingly
she was so happy
all pre ap or ap classes

and then i left her
when Lucy and I arrived
at the end of the day to pick her up
Bethany was talking to a boy
we left her alone
she looked so happy
and she was

that is all that matters!