Monday, January 31, 2011

black dresses

too many funerals
too much bad news
hate it

wore my third black dress in a week today
third funeral in a week
never ready to go
we are never ready to say goodbye

some funerals are so good
the stories told
the memories shared
makes me smile
i still always think
of the families
and the holes in their hearts
the new times
that their loved ones won't be there
i always wonder about my family in that way

i know
i am lucky
my husband
and i
both still have our parents
and happy
our kids
still have all their grandparents
we are very lucky

they were lucky
to have had a wonderful relationship
with their great grandmother
and great she was
she loved them so much
she always just wanted to be
with them
they will remember her always
the youngest was 11 when she died
so they have many many dear
sweet memories

i go to funerals
to honor these individuals
and to honor these families
i go to hear the tales
the history
their lovely stories
that make you cry and laugh

i hope to teach my children
the value in life
by learning how to
remember the lost loved ones

i tell them not to fear
talking to someone
who just lost a loving
family member
always say
that you are sorry
for their loss
be there for them
if they need to talk
just listen
it is always good

my closet has too many black clothes
but they can be for good
and comfort when needed
helping the bereaved is a good deed
a mitzvah if you must
and one that never needs to be repaid

always have clothes
that you can wear to a funeral
always be prepared to help a friend
you will never be sorry