Wednesday, January 26, 2011

coffees and luncheons

what a busy and
wonderful week

a coffee
at my house
i hosted an event
i hate that
hate cleaning up
for people i don't know
and then
feel like
everyone is judging
and looking around
i did it
for an organization
The Elissa Project
an organization
to raise awareness
eating disorders
so important
so real
so needed
for a family of girls
it went great
lots of people here
and got compliments
on the house

the next day
a luncheon
i bought a whole table
i never do that
it was so important to me
for the
Beacon of Hope Luncheon
out on by the
W-here women
my support group moms
of the
Grant Halliburton Foundation
my favorite organization now
it is one
to raise awareness
of teenage and young adult
mental health

so important
so personal
such a strong message
that is needed
for my family
and my friends

the speaker was powerful
the room was filled
and quiet
while listening
and hearing
the message

get out
don't whisper
talk about mental illness
ask questions
watch kids
meet the neighbors
talk to them
listen to them
watch for signs
don't stay quiet
open up
be honest
get help
push help
ask for advice
see with wide open eyes

powerful messages
heard by everyone
not sugar coated
honest messages
that made moms think
dads think
grandmothers quiet
and reflective

i was worried it was too much
i shouldn't have
it needed to be said
it needed to be heard
it was great to have it out there
and hopefully
they listened
and will react
and we will not have to hide out
any longer

we don't need to hide
or be embarrassed
we need to be truthful
and help others
so our children
will not be ashamed