Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Best. Lunch. Ever.

i have been waiting for months
seriously months
anxiously awaiting
my contest winning lunch

my favorite author
is one of the coolest chicks ever
i was lucky enough to meet her last year
at a luncheon in dallas
i just knew we would get along famously
and we did

i adored her
she was genuine
and a doll
just like i would have thought

she found out i was jewish
and told me her best friend was too
i thought that was cool
she was surprised to find out i had 3 teenage daughters
she asked how many hated me
when i told her no
she said i was doing a great job
just another reason to admire her

so i had always followed her blog
she announced her best friend's new contest
and the winner would get lunch
with the best friends and her own best friend
all you had to do was pre-order the book
and email the confirmation to her
i ordered the book for me
i ordered the book for my best friend
i ordered the book for my mom
i ordered more books
and more books
because i really wanted to win
and then
she put my name on her blog
in big print
so excited

finally this spring
with both of their books in production
we made a date for their visit

my best friend and i
fretted over where to eat
for days we searched
and thought
and talked
and asked other people
we were on a mission to find the perfect place

funny thing is
they decided to change the location
we didn't care

the best part was being with them
they were so much fun
the conversation was over flowing
i don't think there was ever any silence
we laughed
we cried (from laughter mostly)
we commiserated
we got excited
we enjoyed all the company

i didn't want it to end
but it did
and now
my best friend and i
need to visit them
in their windy city

now to find the perfect date!