Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Emergency surgery

24 hours a change in life

yesterday a good friend called
he asked what I was doing today
very casually I might add
when I said all I had planned was yoga
he asked if I could take him to the hospital

poor guy
my sweet single friend
no real family to his name
not here
I am his adopted big sister
he is my little brother
and he needs to be able to count on someone

emergency surgery
on his mouth
a tumor
in his jaw
we don't know if it is malignant
or benign
but hoping for the best

i am not a doctor
or a nurse
I just play one at camp
i saw the x-rays
and where his teeth
some roots
and his jaw would be
there was nothing
a big black hole
something eating away
at his cells
he just came down with some pain
2 days ago
and now
he doesn't know
if more surgery is on the horizon
or chemo
or radiation

all i can do is help
make phone calls
make a schedule for meals
plan friends to visit him
check in on him
and of course
for me to be there
when he needs me
or wants me

so scary
i hate when people I love are in pain
i just want him to feel better
i hope it is soon