Tuesday, February 22, 2011



that was over 25 years ago
i never went to a national event
they didn't even have national conferences then
but i went to as many regional events
as i could
so many of my lifelong friends
came from those days

i went to a ton of local events too
because our jewish population
in my little city where i was born
was not big
so we hung out at our temple
with our youth group
our friends from childhood

we played together
we prayed together
we sang together

this past weekend
i got to experience
my first national
NFTY event

what a blast
the same songs
the same prayers
the same people
with just different faces
were all over the hotel
i took Bethany
and she loved it too

it bring back so many memories
and i got to be there with my
very best friend
who i met though TOFTY

and saw many friends
who i know through camp
which is knowing them
through NFTY

it was so wonderful
to be a part of it
all over again

i hope my kids get to experience
all the wonderful things too