Thursday, May 12, 2011


oh my gosh
am I going to make it
is she going to make it

Karen has been thinking
and been getting hints all year
that she is the
of her high school class

but the school
doesn't announce their decision
until the Monday
before graduation

Karen is frustrated
teachers have made comments
students have made assumptions
even some administration
have given hints
Jeff even called the headmaster
to ask
but she was more concerned
that teachers and administrators
had over stepped their bounds
than Karen
having an anxiety attack.

it is so frustrating
i know it is killing her
she can't sleep
she is anxious
and pulling her hair out
she is on edge
she is obsessed with this
she can't focus
she can't think straight
this is all she wants
she wants to know
if there is even a chance

I want to help
of course
the enabler in me
the one who wants to fix things
she will have to wait
like everyone else

i hate that.....