Tuesday, May 31, 2011


she was honest
i have to give her credit

i saw some pictures on facebook
because my girls have to be my friend
but i saw these pictures
and could tell something was different
the look in her eyes
the distant smile
the disheveled clothes
i had a feeling that alcohol was involved

so i texted her to call me when she was alone
she did
i just asked her
and was thinking about other girls too
if there was drinking
yes there was
she told me
yes she had some
she told me
she said she wanted to be honest
she asked if I was mad

i wasn't
she was telling me the truth
and isn't that what I always told her to do
she was in a party bus
so she wasn't driving
and then
she was spending the night
so she was staying put
she made good decisions
she did
she was honest
she said she was in control
and had been in a good place
for about 3 hours now

she really was drunk
for the first time
honesty is the best policy
now that I know the truth
should I feel better...
because I don't