Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Karen got her first acceptance letter
and it is her first choice
she is going to college

i should be happy
and i am
i should be ecstatic
and i am
i am also sad
that my baby is
actually leaving now
in less than a year

i remember college
how can i be old enough
to have a child in college

she has been through so much
she has grown so much
she has matured so much
i should be thankful
she is even allowed to go
to want to go
to be able to go

i am
but it is all bittersweet
she is so much fun
i love being around her
all the girls are getting along
it is such a good year
i know it will all be over soon
soon enough
in less than a year

it is not fair
we all struggled for so long
especially her
we all fought so hard
for her to win
to get through it
and she did
we never gave up
she always had our support
and she always supported us
well usually
she knew there was something wrong
when things weren't right
but she just didn't know what

now she knows
sometimes she is afraid
it will happen again

we know it won't
and we kept reminding her

someday she will know
and that time will come soon
she is leaving home
in less than a year
i have to let her

it is all good