Tuesday, November 23, 2010


it is that time of year...

we always have a party the saturday after
for always
I would say the last 10 years or so

the stock market is open the friday after thanksgiving
so my cute hubby always has to work
so when we moved into our present house
about 12 years ago
we decided to make a tradition
a thank you party
for our family and friends

the first year or so
i would make the appetizers
cooking and cleaning
on friday
since i always host
thanksgiving too

in fact
even the one year i didn't host
i had to cook it
because my kids still wanted it
so i just said
from now on
we will be here
and whoever else can join us

back to the party
i would get a bounce house
a magician
or some sort of
child activity
since at the time
our kids were probably
3, 6 & 8
that they are
13, 16 & 18
extra activities
are not needed
i am much smarter
i order the food
party trays
from Central Market
i keep a list from year to year
what works
what people eat
what people don't eat

one year it snowed
or was really cold
so that year i started ordering coffee
from Starbucks
then a couple of years ago
i started making gallons of hot chocolate
so i can order less coffee
and make more hot cocoa

some of our friends
definitely our family
have come to
look forward to this event
it is really sweet
when my mother in law
tells me that great aunts are calling
because they haven't gotten an invitation yet
they want to make sure
the tradition lives on

the invitation always says the same thing-
"It is that time of year
when we want to give thanks to you
our wonderful friends and family
Please join us as we open our home
to you and your family"
then last year
after Karen's time at the residential treatment center
i added this line-
"We have so much to be thankful for!"
because it was so true
some even said
"now all 5 of us are under the same roof"
and i guess i will need to do that next year
since Karen will be home from college
don't want to think about that now
just want to be thankful
we are all healthy and happy
and we are