Sunday, November 21, 2010

looking at schools

2 down
1 to go

so since the oldest left Greenhill
after 9th grade
then the middlest left Greenhill
after a month into 10th grade
might as well start looking for the littlest
who is in 8th grade right now
we have time
since we don't even want to start that route
into 9th grade
and leaving soon afterward

Poor baby
she was the one with all the school
issues last year
with the head of middle school
and the problem with her language teacher
she practically left last year
but she didn't
we held out
at the time Bethany was going back
she could finish middle school with her friends

now so many of her friends
are talking about leaving
so that helps
there are so many schools
so many options
we have everything open to us
the neighborhood high school
where Bethany goes now
but Lucy doesn't have friends that will go there
the catholic school
where most of her friends want to go
but there aren't
many jews there
and Lucy isn't super comfortable with that
an all girls catholic school
not much better
but many of her school friends like it
another public school
not in our area
but we could work it out
and the jewish school
it is worth a try

she is confused
all she wants is friends and sports
she loves to be part of something
a team
a group of friends
a family
she doesn't act alone
she acts with thoughts of others
so don't ever ask her to make a decision
she only wants to please
so this is going to be very difficult
for her
because it will be important
for her to pick what is best for her

so happy we have months to make this happen
this time
we are lucky