Monday, December 20, 2010


i trust people way too much
i believe people
i think everyone is honest
i don't think people will lie to me

i am so wrong
the people i trust the most
end up being the ones who hurt me the most

the ones i think will be supportive of me
the ones i think will always love me
always be there for me
through thick and thin
as the old saying go

i wish i could be less trusting
i think everyone will be like me
they will think of other's people's feelings
but they don't
i think they will be empathetic
but they aren't
i think they will try to see things from my perspective
but they don't

is it selfish of me
or of them
to get upset that they can't see the difference
between hurting and hurt
between sorrow and sadness
between desperation and crisis

my immediate family has been through so much
we are stronger because of it
for those who can't understand
they will never know