Sunday, December 5, 2010

dreidel dreidel dreidel...

oh hanukkah
oh hanukkah
you came so early this year
I wasn't ready

dec 1st is way too early for a
especially when one throws
a huge thanksgiving celebration

for a few weeks now
my husband and I have been asking
the girls what they want
that is what they said
what great girls
Bethany only wants to go to Israel this summer with camp
what a mensch
Lucy just wants to go to camp
and then play soccer with her
jcc maccabi team in Philadelphia
another little do gooder
then Karen wants to do something fun this summer
she is not sure yet
but that is all she wants
sometimes I seriously think I have the perfect kids
they know
they have all a child needs
a warm bed
clean clothes
food to eat
and people who love them

times like these I just want to melt
i think i have done a good thing

but then i think
i have to give them something
for the first night
i gave them gift of words
little hand written notes
personal and special for each child
they deserve something special
i have done a few nights like that
and plan more
other nights i have given
small token gift cards
they really don't need anything

we used to do community service
or a mitzvah
every year at this time
but the last couple of years
i have found
we just needed to focus on us
not the gift giving us
just the family bond of us
i still donate a wazoo of money
to many of the needy charities
i contribute to
my time is dedicated to them

i also think
this may be the last year of Hanukkah
when is Hanukkah next year
will Karen be home from college
will Bethany be involved in youth group
at that time
she was actually invited to a special event
that had invitations to only future leaders
but she chose to be home
with us

what more could I ask for