Monday, November 16, 2009

another good weekend

last friday
the middlest
the one who is into herself
did a very unselfish thing
I took her
along with some friends
to the airport
they met up with some
youth group members
and chaperones
to fly to New Orleans
to help clean up
the city
which is still
in a sad shape
since the hurricane
over 4 years ago

She spent the whole weekend there
painting houses
hearing stories
meeting people
seeing sights
not texting
or emailing
or looking in the mirror

now I did hear
she liked to talk to her friends
but she did get to work
whenever asked
she enjoyed it

during the weekend
Karen went to a coffee house
at her school
she was social
she had fun

Lucy had another
bat mitzvah to attend
My husband and I went too
we will be doing that a lot this year
this time
we felt fine
about leaving Karen alone
she had a good attitude
so that was a strength for us

All of us
got out of the house
all of us
felt good about what we were doing
all of us
were positive
about the experiences
we were having

what more could I ask for right now?