Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Band Concert

When Karen switched schools
2 years ago
the one thing
that made her want to stay at
was Band

She started Percussion
in 6th grade
she tried out
and made it
her band director
was very supportive of her
she stayed with it
all through middle school
and then started high school
it was a positive in her life
and she enjoyed it
she could read music
it made her feel good

and almost every school
we seriously considered for her
did not have a band program

but the school change
was a necessity
and we couldn't worry about band

I tried to find
extra curricular percussion groups
outside of school
no luck

when she started at Winston
a new Dean of Students started too
somehow he told us he wanted to
start a middle school band
at the school
We told him about Karen's
history with band
so when he did begin
the program
he tapped her to help
she would get music credit
get to play as part of the band
and be an assistant teacher
he was happy
as was she

This year
there are two student bands
the one they started last year
and a new one this year
Karen is the student director of the new band
there are other High School students
who help out with the other band

the school had a performing arts night
the choir
the dance group
and the band
played for the parents
and anyone who wanted to see

I was beaming
my daughter
who for 2 months
was away this year
in a residential treatment center
was the star
of the show
she kept the beat
for all the band songs
even though
there were other high school students helping
it was her bells
or snare
or tambourine
that kept the other students in line
I stood up
thank goodness we were in the back
so I could see her face
her smile
her pride

I couldn't help
but shed a tear
and think how far we have come
from August
that horrible day in August
when she could not control herself
and here
in front of me
and her family
her friends
and people she didn't even know
she controlled herself
so well
and controlled the children
around her
to stay in tune and on beat
to sound
so beautifully together
that the applause
filled the arena
and she was the star
the bright and shining star

she did it
she should feel good
she has worked so hard
to be where she was today
she deserved all the accolades
she deserved to feel the pride
she deserved it all