Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Three girls One doctor

it needed to happen
it did
they never wanted to do it
I wanted it

I made an appointment for
all three girls
to go to a psychologist together
the new doctor
because it only seemed fair

Karen has been seeing her
therapist for 3 years now
how did it get to be so long
it has

the new doctor
who I found
by pure luck
started seeing
Bethany and Lucy
while Karen was away

She knows their stories
but she also
knows less history

now that the oldest
has been home
I knew it needed to happen

on the way there
I asked
will you blame everything on me?

My middlest asked
if I really meant it
My littlest asked
if I was just trying to be funny
the oldest
didn't say much
I knew she was scared
they were all going
to "the other" doctor
a new doctor
for her
she was

but I promised her
she would like Dr Black
Dr Black would not
be mean to her
she wanted to get to know her too

back in the car
I still worried
for all of them
what did I do wrong
could I have done
so they would have gotten along
from the beginning of their lives

was I a bad mother
I was still worried
even if I was trying
to make light of the situation

We all sat
in the waiting room
I think we were
all on the same couch
when the doctor came out
she smiled
all the girls
even me
sitting together
probably looking at
an Iphone application
or something
to take our minds
of the seriousness of the evening

they went in together
leaving me alone
in the waiting room
I read my book
I checked my email
I wondered
just what they were saying

would they blame
their daddy
each other
for the situation right now

would I hear screaming
or anything
from the other room

I could only wait

they returned
and smiles
were on all the faces
and they asked
to do this again

apparently it was positive
and they weren't scared to talk
they all spoke
even the littlest
who only likes to make people happy
she didn't just nod
her head and say
"whatever you want"
to her sisters

the funniest thing happened
later that evening

Bethany went to the bathroom
and while she was there
she noticed that
the bathroom
she shares with Lucy
was out of toilet paper

So she screamed at Lucy
to get her some
she pounded on the wall
between their rooms
Lucy screamed back
to tell her to stop
my sweet husband
heard what was going on
and threw some
TP up to the girls

Then Bethany came downstairs
and started complaining
to her father
that it was Karen's fault
there was no TP

the oldest does not share that bathroom
the middlest felt she could blame her

My husband said
good thing
that sister therapy
worked so well

or still
I was
glad I made
another appointment
for them

it seems
there is a lot
of work that needs to be done

At least
Karen could laugh about this one