Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Full Days

My oldest has been having a hard time
at school again

we had to back off her days
she was so anxious
she couldn't make it through a whole day
her psychologist
talked to her
and decided
we needed to start from scratch again

I cried in her therapy
did we bring her home too early
should she have stayed longer
to feel more comfortable with herself
she reassured me
she was good there
and this would happen
whenever she left

she was anxious about the school she missed
there were still some classes
she was not caught up in
and she did not like
this unknown

back to the beginning
last week
first day
one class
second day
two classes
adding classes
as only she was comfortable doing

we love her school
whatever we asked for
they did
the head of school
dean of students
was willing to work with us
to help ensure our daughter's
success back at school
I would pick her up
there was one day she had to walk home
because I was somehere
but they allowed it

But it worked
after the school counselor
ended up meeting with her
and most of her teachers
she felt better

The only problem left
was physics
and my husband ended up at that meeting
because I had to be at another meeting
for another child

as much as I try
I can't be in 2 places at once

When the science teacher
discovered she had not had biology yet
he just switched her schedule around
and my husband said
you could see the relief
in her eyes
her shoulders
and her attitude

she is back to full days of school
and she is feeling good about it

We listened
we worked it out with her
the teachers
and the school
and that is what is important

She feels better about herself
and her school
we couldn't ask for anything more