Tuesday, September 29, 2009


I can't believe it has gone on this long
these teachers
this head of the middle school
the assistant head
the learning assistance specialist
the middle school counselor

what is taking them so long
and why are they making my daughter so miserable
it is ridiculous really
do they want to prove a point?
do they want to keep trying to see if we will give up?
do they think we will?

My husband and I are so sick of these games
thank goodness
this psychologist we found
to help the sisters cope
with Karen's leaving
and returning
has been patient
with Lucy about this school situation
she has spoken to
the head of the middle school
she still does not see why he is waiting either
she is telling my husband and I
just to stop
just to tell them
we pay for this school
do right by our child
in our child's best interest
it is all BS
she is such a good kid
and she is so stressed at this point
it is sad to see
a stressed 12 year old
that is one of the signs
you see at Meridell
the residential treatment center
where Karen is

we don't need another patient there
we can't afford to put another patient there
we just want this school
the one where I taught
the one where my husband went to school
the one where we have been parents
and paid for tuition for 12 years
to do the right thing