Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Homeward Bound

the day
september 30th
my husband
the middlest
and the littlest
grandfather's plane
to pick the biggest up
from Merdiell
her residential treatment center

it was just supposed to me
my husband and me
but with all the mess
going on at school
with the little one
we couldn't leave her there
and then we couldn't
just bring her without
the middlest
so we all went to
retrieve Ms Karen

We were so excited
and scared
and happy!

The plane ride seemed so slow
the car trip seemed too long
but we got there
and surprised her
first me and my husband
loads of hugs and kisses
then her sisters
she was so thrilled
until she figured out
that it meant
our meeting didn't go well
whatever we said
the point was
we were all there to bring her home

it was bittersweet to see
Karen say good bye to her friends
at the bunkhouse
some girls actually cried
they all seemed to respect her
and believe in her
and see the leader in her
that we know is there
she just doesn't always see it

I let her sit up front in the car
I needed to keep the two youngest
we didn't need any fights starting

I kept looking at her and smiling
I kept kissing on her
hugging on her
telling her I loved her
I was just so thrilled
when we drove out of the gates
to never return

Not that we don't appreciate what
they did for her
just that we don't want to ever
go through that again

we ate a sweet lunch
with grandfather
we flew home
we drove back home
she walked in the door
and was worried the dog had
forgotten her
he was so happy to see her
even though it did
take him a few minutes to remember her

there were boxes
cookie bouquets
welcoming Karen back home
she was shocked at the attention
she always is
she never sees how good she is
she doesn't see all the
amazing qualities she has

We ate dinner together
we talked at the table
we just stared at one another
still not believing
that we were
once again
a family of five