Friday, October 2, 2009

not quite over with the little

My husband and I
scheduled a meeting
with the head of middle school
the morning we
were heading back to
to bring Karen home

What a joyous day
we were to have

Finish up the miserable
of the middle school scenario
and go pick up our oldest baby
and bring her home

the moment we walked
into the office
of that head of middle school
we knew
something was not right

he sat down
crossed his arms
and said
that he decided no changes
were necessary
and that he still
felt his teachers had not done
anything wrong

I about hyperventilated
my husband got up to walk out the door
saying that there was nothing left to talk about

stupidly now I realize
thought I could talk
to this man
about my child
about the wrong doings
of 3 adults
on one little 12 year old girl

I spoke to him about
his conversation with the
psychologist who said this change was necessary
he denied ever hearing her say that
I reminded him of how the
advisor of my daughter
took the accused teacher's side
instead of advocating for our little girl
he denied ever hearing that
from Little Lucy
I asked
I may have over reacted
but I left that office
pulled my daughter
from her advisory class
with that witch of an advisor
standing in front of the room
and had Lucy
come back to the Head's office
and recount
her version of the events

he still didn't budge
it was then and there
I lost it
my husband told him that
our relationship with him would never be the same
we had to bring her with us to pick up Karen
we knew we had to get Bethany too
she was pissed
actually both were pissed
Lucy would have to miss a field hockey game
Bethany didn't want to leave school
we told them both
we had no choice
we had to take them

the head of the upper school was lovely
he let me sit in his office while
the tornado and fire drills were going on
I spoke with the psychiatrist while in there
and then
on the way to the airport
my husband and I knew what we had to do
we called the Headmaster of the school
and made an appointment for friday
we did it
we went over the head of the middle school's head
it had to be done
we were sick of playing by "his" rules