Saturday, October 24, 2009

First Homecoming

First time
homecoming dance
for my little Bethany
the freshman
the middlest
often times
has to act like the oldest

I never got Karen ready for homecoming
she did go to the dance
her freshman year
I was walking the Komen 3 day
she went with a group of girls
and one boy
and thought it all was boring

this year
we get to experience the whole thing
Bethany getting her hair done
Bethany getting her make up done
finding the right dress
the right shoes
the right purse

she was asked
by a boy in her grade
a friend
thank goodness
just a friend
she is going in with a group
a HUGE group
of other freshmen
all going to the dance for the first time

I think it was cute
all the boys made sure
that all the girls had dates
they worked it out
so that everyone went with someone

Bethany's date asked her
by giving her a white t-shirt
drawn on with lots of names
she had to wash it
to see which name would still be there
the only one with permanent marker
and  the question
of going to homecoming on it
she already knew
she heard the rumors
who would ask her
but it still was cute

She looked gorgeous
she was smart
she did not wear strapless
she did not need to worry about her dress
falling down all night
she looked sophisticated
in fact Lucy
wanted her to save that
beautiful dress for the bat mitzvah
but Bethany wanted this to be her
first homecoming dress

I was so proud of her
she looked beautiful
and radiant

My sweet husband and I
got to meet her over at the
"point" house
the one where all the couples were meeting
where the limo would pick them up
we had crowds of people
all these parents
taking pictures of the beautiful children

and so many girls
she has grown up with
so many boys too
all of us
watching our babies
grow up before our eyes

My husband and I had to rush home
because Karen was all alone
we have tried to avoid that
she gets sad too easily
but we didn't want
to ruin Bethany's big night
I took lots of pictures
I feel good for her
she is going to enjoy it

I just know it