Tuesday, October 20, 2009

where did the time go?

she's home
we are trying to make it work
the sisters are getting along
for the most part

I cry much less frequently
she makes it through school
some days
there are times I get calls
when she says
my stomach hurts
my head hurts
I am dizzy
can you come get me?
can I come home?:
I just don't feel well

I know it is not right just to pick her up
I have gone over to the school
to make sure she does what she needs to do
to get by

Some days I feel like I have a toddler
at home again
my days are filled with making sure she is happy
not crying
not whining
with no temper tantrums
it takes all my energy to get her out the door
I make her breakfast
I watch her eat it
I make sure she takes her medicine
I walk her to school
make sure she gets in okay
for the phone to ring
to pick her up
to hear her upset
to listen to the nurse tell me to come get her

it will all take time
it will be worth it
because all that matters now
is that she is home
under our roof
and we can all sleep
knowing we are together